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Jenny is a teacher, coach, administrator, and curriculum developer. She has experience in launching professional learning communities (PLCs), developing curriculum maps and formative assessments, and training faculty in challenged school systems like Detroit and Indianapolis.

About Me

Jenny French started her journey in education at Indiana University, earning a BS in Elementary Education, a minor in Reading, and an endorsement in middle school Language Arts. After a few years of teaching middle school ELA she earned a MAE in Educational Leadership and became a licensed administrator. She recently completed a doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction where her research focused on the impact of texting on student writing achievement. Growing up in and traveling to places such as Perth, Western Australia and Aranyaprathet, Thailand, she became intrigued by the diversity of educational systems. Her areas of specialty include: curriculum development, teacher coaching, young adult literacy, and digital literacy.

Keys to Mapping

Curriculum is what is taught in common by teachers of the same course in a school or district. It is a defined set of concepts, texts, and writing assignments and should constitute 60%-80% of material taught by teachers of the same course. Every teacher should have access to a curriculum map that is easy to follow, provides weekly direction, and is rich in literacy integration. Furthermore, great instructional strategies cannot make up for a weak curriculum.

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Curriculum Mapping Testimonials

Meghan Evoy, K-8 Principal, Farmington, MI

Dr French provided us with practical, research-based information. She made an intimidating topic, curriculum design, seem accessible and even exciting! We left the workshop feeling empowered to move our school forward!

Help! My Student’s Write Like They Text!

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Text messaging is the most popular form of communication among American adolescents. This generation has earned the title “Digital Natives” because they are the first generation to be fluent in the language that rules computers, videos games, and the Internet. Digital language is the primary way in which adolescents communicate so it is reasonable to assume that it shows up in their writing at school. Both parents and teachers express concerns about the usage of texting on student writing ability. But is there any merit to these concerns? Learn how texting is really affecting student achievement, and how teachers can actually use student texting habits to improve writing.

Resources & Helpful Links

Lesson Plan Block Schedule Template

Innovation Exploration
Plan (IEP)

Sample Lesson
Plan Template

Curriculum Calendar Template

Professional Development

Jenny is highly regarded as a coach and mentor. She is in a unique position to assist schools in developing curriculum to improve student literacy, while supporting teacher growth. She can provide professional development to your school on topics such as: Understanding Common Core Standards, Increasing Critical Thinking in the Classroom, Engaging Learners with Effective Lesson Planning, Integrating Technology in the Classroom, and Help! My Students Write Like They Text.

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